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Elizabeth Kehoe 

Born in Philadelphia, the family lived in Collingswood, New Jersey , and relocated to Sugarbush Vermont in the Mad River Valley , educated in the 2 room school house in Warren Village and graduated from Harwood Union High School, The Kehoe Inn was home and family operated .

It was a lively upbringing filled with activity and a wide variety of Influence. A strong work ethic coupled with just as much play...

Travel, sports, creativity and a strong sense of humor, there was never a dull moment in the Kehoe Inn and family.

Liz met  Frank Palumbo during the ski season of 1986...

Always...the Artist, Liz focused on her creativity and honed her artistic skills.

They included a figure painting class every Thursday night with the late and great artist

Bill Brauer ; sculpture sessions with sculptors Katherine Mc Cabe & Bernardo Quinones.

The winters in Vermont are long and cold so the Palumbo's decided to winter in Juno Beach.

Always busy working in a variety of mediums, such as pastels,oils, acrylics, sumi-e,watercolor, , glass, sculptures carved in clay or stone, gifts from the sea, paintings on clothing & accessories, photography, astrology, Dowsing, readings with Mah Jong tiles. Today our days are filled with inspiration sourced in Nature. In the Mountains or by the Sea  wherever we may go...and always surrounded with fabulous friends & family .

"Step Lightly...Live Deeply" 


and so it shall be...

Liz Palumbo Art

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